The Best Web Hosting Providers of 2020

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Best Overall : Infinityfree

They say that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, but there actually is such a thing as a free web host. We’ve actually found quite a few of them for
you, but most suffer from one kind of drawback or another. Our top pick for the best overall free web host is InfinityFree because they offer an excellent
level of service, full control over your site, and some surprising extras.

The most important factor about InfinityFree is that it’s a truly free web host. It isn’t an introductory plan, and they provide some stats that are more
impressive than some paid hosts we’ve seen. You get unlimited bandwidth, unlimited storage, 10 email accounts, free SSL and Cloudflare, and more.

Despite being totally free, InfinityFree even comes with the Softaculous Script Installer. This one-click installer gives you almost instant access to over
400 applications, including WordPress, several bulletin board systems, alternate content management systems like Drupal, and more.

The biggest drawback with InfinityFree is that they run advertisements in your control panel. They don’t run advertisements on your actual website,
which you have total control over, but being forced to scroll past ads in the control panel is a bit of an annoyance.

Best for Unlimited Storage Capacity : x10 Hosting

X10 Hosting is a long-standing veteran of the web hosting game that can get you online for free. In fact, x10 aims to be a full web hosting suite, giving
you lots of goodies, including free web hosting with cPanel, unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth, one-click installations, MySQL, and PHP.

The overall experience includes great uptime records, server response times and loading speeds, all for free. It’s a good deal all round, and a great
option if your site is too big to work in a limited environment.

The one issue is that x10 reserves the right to suspend your website if they determine that your usage is too high. While they do offer unlimited
bandwidth and storage, the fact is that your site is running on a shared server, and runaway resource usage can have an adverse impact on your

Play nice, and you can enjoy your unlimited storage and bandwidth. Create problems, like serving up massive files that aren’t part of a webpage, and x10
may show you the door.

Best for Technical Website Owners :

The name is quite long, but so is the duration of their experience. These guys have been around for nearly 15 years in the web hosting industry. On the
whole, however, they’re more geared to serving the more technical website owners. They use technologies like Maria DB, PHP 7.1, and Apache 2.4, so
they’re certainly not for the faint-hearted.

On the plus side, their web hosting service guarantees 99.8 percent uptime, backups on a daily and weekly basis, depending on your preference, and
access to the control panel, FTP support, and MySQL databases. Not bad for a free hosting service.

The service is run by volunteers, though their humble request is that, if you enjoy their service, you should consider upgrading to the paid version.

This web hosting service is definitely aimed at technically-minded users who have no use for website builders or one-click installs. If you’re looking for a
free web host that gives you a lot of freedom, check it out.

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